10 things I love about running

There is so many things I love about running, some of them I can't put into words. I am addicted to this sport and i don't want to quit it!

1. Freedom

Running gives you the opportunity to truly experience your surroundings. Feel the air in your hair, sun on your face and hear the the peacefulness and quietness or chaos of the world outside.

2. Time only for yourself

Running gives you independence, time to be alone with yourself. It gives you time to breath and sort out your thoughts or just forget about all the worries of everyday living and enjoy every mile.

3. Getting to know new people

Thanks to running your soul is waking up, it awakens the desire to share your passion with someone. No one will understand a runner better than another runner. Facebook groups or your local running groups are just perfect for that!

4. Fight

Running will teach you patience. Running is not only cool outfits, newest shoes and post run selfies. It gets hard. You will hit a wall, sooner or later. But there is something beautiful about running that it won't let you give up and quit.

5. Strength

You will learn how strong you are. You will surprise yourself with how strong you can be. Everyday, every run will make you stronger not only physically but also mentally - trust me that's much harder. It is so much harder to fight with your head than with your legs.

6. Quitting smoking

For me it is a number one. When I started my journey with running I wasn't really serious about it. I smoked. I went for a run and then I reworded myself with a cigarette. Now I see how ridiculous it was! I was thinking it would be awesome to be a runner but it will never happen, not to me. I am not strong enough, I'm too lazy and how can I run far or fast if I can barely breath after 500m. Well, now I quit smoking and I am running my first half marathon next year.

7. Motivation to do other activities

To go fast or far your body has to be strong and just running is not enough. I don't like gym and honestly I would rather run everyday than do other workouts. But I look at it this way: "It will make a better runner.". Strong core and back is crucial!

8. Getting to know your own body

You will get to know your body in a way you haven't before. You will learn that your are much stronger than you think and you will start listening to this silly voice in your head telling you something different.

9. Smiling more often

Just look at all those after run selfies! There is nothing better than a good run 😁😁

10. Proud

Running will make you feel proud. Proud of what you accomplished and how it changed you. 🙏
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