KOCOSTAR Foot Therapy

The best feet treatment for your feet before summer season! but not only 😉 I am a runner so my feet need lots of attention to look representable 😉 I picked up this mask without really reading what it does, just saw 1.5h treatment and I thought "Yeah, that will for sure help". Honestly when I used this mask I didn't know how it works, so I was a bit surprised when after a few days the dead skin starts peeling and falling off. Inside the package you'll find two 'socks' which you have to cut gently in the middle. I would suggest to find a comfy place for that 1.5h cause it is really hard to walk. I might be a good idea to wrap the tape around to keep the plastic baggies in place. After the suggested time you should rinse your feet with warm water, and patently wait for the results. I think I started loosing skin after 2-3 days. It's taken more than a week, but it's finally happened: The skin on my feet has flaked away and the results are incredible! You will see more skin falling off after a bath or hot shower, do not scratch, peel or pull at the skin that's dead and coming off- let it do its thing.

Since the dead and ashen topmost layers of my skin have successfully peeled away, the tops of my feet and around my toes are softer and smoother. I am definitely going to use that mask again and AGAIN! 💙 💙 💙 💙
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